Vocation de l’Islam

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ce livre montre à quel point le penseur et l’érudit Malek Bennabi était capable de comprendre et d’analyser les vraies problèmes du monde musulman.

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“Vocation de l’Islam was written in 1949, but published in 1954, just on the eve of the Algerian Revolution. The book, probably the most important of bennabi’s writings, presents an incisive and quite original analysis of the crisis facing the Muslim as well as the Western World. The author’s masterly exposition of the twin phnomena of colonisibilite and colonisation makes him one of “the first Arab and Afro-Asian Social philosophers of our times,” and his remarkable grasp and critical appraisal of the modern trends in the Muslim World ensures him an honourable place in the forefront of Muslim thinkers of the present century.”

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